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Emt training, EMT-B certificationEMTs go through EMT training so they can respond to emergency medical situations. An EMT can work in the ambulance service, the police department or fire department, and all of them play a crucial role in saving lives on a daily basis. If somebody wants to become part of an EMT team, they need to undergo a formal EMT training and take a certification test thereafter. There are several levels of EMT training available to choose from, although you will be required to start out with the basic level of training.

EMT training will teach students how to provide quick medical treatment in cases of illness and trauma. EMT training requires a good physical condition and extensive preparation, since EMTs work under dangerous and adverse conditions. Their primary role is to assess the situation of patients and stabilize them until they reach the nearest hospital. There are many cases when EMTs stay in touch with the doctors from the nearest hospital and they administer treatment on site. There are three available levels of EMT training: basic, intermediate and paramedic EMT.

A high school graduation diploma proving your studies is enough to start the basic EMT training. When studying at a basic level, students will take classes related to providing and assessing emergency care for trauma victims. EMT training develops the skills required to operate medical equipment. Many approved EMT training programs include some hours of practice in the emergency room. Each state has special requirements for this certification, but all of them involve a written exam and the acquisition of many practical skills.

There are different requirements that differ from one state to another in order to get the intermediate EMT training diploma. They can range from 40 to 360 hours of intense instruction. Students are expected to learn a varied range of techniques and they must achieve a certain level of understanding of the medical procedures. They will also learn spinal immobilization techniques, medication administering techniques and how to treat patients in shock. The highest possible level of EMT training is paramedic EMT. In order to complete such training, some courses in anatomy and physiology, alongside further skills training are needed. A course like this will normally take two years and it is equivalent to a degree from a college.

After you finish a certain level of EMT training, most states require you to acquire a proper certification. Most of them are using the National Registry of EMT tests. Some states have their own tests or they give everyone the opportunity to choose from the two options. EMTs need to engage in continuous education courses every other year in order to keep up-to-date with the more recent procedures.

The average EMT salary is around $27,500 per year. The lowest pay is for the basic EMT and is around $17,800 per year. Ambulance companies and hospitals employ most EMTs, but some of them work for fire or police departments.

EMT Training can be a good investment in your future and will give you a huge opportunity to find a secure job in the medical or police system. At the same time, you will be an important part of the community by helping people in need during emergencies.

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